Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life is not all HahaHeheee

Life is something beautiful that makes us alive but it's extremely difficult to live a happy life and also difficult to know what to do in life.
                           We know our worth,personally as well as professionally. We may achieve the goals that we set and when we have patient to do our best under any circumstances without worrying,we must enjoy learning new lessons but suddenly some tackle situations may arises.Sometimes unexpected events tends to make us lose our determination in the journey of our life.
                              We may committing suicide when we get into trouble,never reasoning as to why.Sometimes when someone betrays or hurt us we feel irritated,frustrated and got naturally upset as people are not fulfilling their promises none of our action master can't control.
                      At times we find our social life is rocking and very active.We are able to enjoy it when we are happy even the most boring work will seems exciting.At other times some selfish and cruel actions by some people make our life miserable and we have to go through something so tumultuous,we feel ashamed and humiliated that somebody fooled us.Seeing the pain we are suffering and feeling the misery of remorse,shame and guilt can sometimes be overwhelming and devastating. The pain just builds up so much that we feel like we're going to disintegrate and we need a place where we can go to people who understand us and who have gone through the same experiences and a place where people will not judge us but help us with compassion and advice.
Our life is a journey full of sorrow and happiness and our personal life through that difficult journey is what we experience ,so our journey of life is not all HahaHehee.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to be a good person

Life is challenge and everyday holds the hope of better future,life is a journey we have to travel for ourselves and have fun and laugh along the way.
                                    We have to work hard in our life and strive to reach somewhere worthwhile.To honour our believe,we have to do our own things and believe what we do is right thing and that we are in right place.Keep smiling at the world to help us to keep evolving and work hard.Don't scared to travel on the new path and we all have to rise above all tragedies.
One of the most important things in our life is time management.Never wait for tomorrow,tomorrow will never come.Why should we wait for tomorrow when we can act today?Time is capital and should not be wasted,we should be investing in it.Today we are here,tomorrow we have to be somewhere else.If we keep faith in god on top the mind and work accordingly to faith,surely we will succeed in all our endeavours.
                                    Don't judge others and don't compare your life with others,we have no ideas about the journey they are going through.What we all think about others is none of our business .Don't bitch or speak ill about anyone and don't gossip either.These all are negatives thoughts and action,we're doing because we feel insecure.Whatever we want to convey,convey our message in a simple and polite manner so that people can gets our message and they don't feel bad.Good habits have to be inculcated early.
                                          Be proud and strong because we are human and no one can do what we can do,just  we have to be ourselves and love ourselves.If we're unhappy then nothing can help us but ourselves.Don't hate oneself for what we lack,maybe it is all for good reason.We have to respect ourselves and should respect others so that in turn they will respect us.Above all if we have self respect and don't wish ill of others and behave respectfully towards all then we can become a good person in life.